Children and Saftey

We have tried and tested our Infant and children Vibes. We not only want them to to look cute but be durable enough to last through play and grow with your child with safety a number one priority.  

*Please Note For our children's vibes ( 8 and under)  we use a more durable Flexi wire for safety. same look and softest of drape,  but added durability !

*We recommend removing infant bracelets at night for sleep, safety and peace of mind.

*Although gold filled beads will not tarnish some of the gemstones and beads used may damage with frequent exposure to water. 

*If your child's bracelet is snug please loosen to the last link , remove bracelet or order the next size. 

*Please always remember any small objects can be a choking hazard and to supervise small children, especially teething babies.

*Enjoy and we hope our vibes bring you and your little ones joy everyday!